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Repair-3 in Stanley, VA
Masonite Corporation

Date Posted: 12/1/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Our vision is to be the best provider of building products in the eyes of our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and communities.

At Masonite, we understand that people are key. We are a composite of diverse people who come together by showing support and respect to one another.

We hire people that demonstrate integrity under pressure. Integrity is at the foundation of everything we do. It is in each door we make, in our commitment delivery and in our honest and sincere communication.

Our employees are flexible, versatile and resilient. Our ability to weather any storm, to bend without breaking, is what allows us to hear the knock and open the door with confidence, no matter what's on the other side.

At Masonite, we hold the door open for each other and for new ideas. We want everyone to freely contribute ideas and add value, so we are positive and encouraging. This collaborative environment is what makes Masonite a transparent, fair company- one that doesn't hide behind closed doors.

We continuously strive to improve both our products and our customers' experiences. This drive leads us to revolutionize the door industry and help people walk through walls.


Attention to details - Stacks of doors enter work area on conveyor, performs visual quality check of entire stack, repairs newly and previously identified doors with quality defects, restack doors meeting quality specs, push pallets on conveyor,  unrepairable doors are placed in cull door stack and written up on reject sheets.  Operates jump tracks, straighten doors, and push door stacks onto infeed tracks of paint booth. Use glue gun, palm sander, sanding block, chisel, putty knives, clamps, and application of bondo, hot melt glue, touch-up paint, and putty.



Read and interpret ticket, Door/customer quality specs, identify defects, knowledge of sanders, planers, hand tools putty knife, sanding block wood chisel, and high attention to detail detecting defects.


Ability to use wood craftsmanship tools to repair doors. High quality standard required and some creativity required.               


Moderate level of responsibility to identify defects, make repairs using tools provided, and make decisions for what can/cannot be repaired. Responsibility to minimize COQ impact while meeting customer quality expectations.

 Physical Demands:

Manually lift/slide/flip materials or doors(max. of 80 lbs), bending, stooping, twisting, - dexterity. Standing for long continuous hours.           

Mental Demands:

Fast-paced job with continuous focus on finding defects.  Constant focus on visual quality inspection of doors.     


Communicate with upstream and downstream departments.  Expectation to immediately communicate internal process-oriented defects for quick recovery/repair.         

Working Conditions:

Mildly controlled environment - can expect some cold and heat during extreme weather conditions. High dust and noisy environment.


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